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Get Peace of Mind- What YOU do is YOUR business.

X-Cleaner is Your Secret Weapon for Computer Privacy!

You have a basic right to privacy and security.
Right now there are hundreds of online pitfalls that can take that away.
We present X-Cleaner 3.0 Deluxe with Roaming Scan- the most sophisticated and powerful privacy and anti-spyware applications on the Internet.
You will find nothing sporting our features for one low price!

What do I get with the Pro Version?

- FULL, lifetime registered version of X-Cleaner
- One year Access to our members only area
- Unlimited free updates to the spyware database for an entire year!
- LSP fix ability to repair internet connections that spywares try to break
- Scans for a giant database of known adware and spyware
- Incoluates system against common drive-by downloads
- All functions of X-Cleaner are fully active
- Superior and courteous technical support by e-mail
- Check out a few screenshots from the Deluxe Version!
- Our coding is so superior it is small enough to carry on a diskette.

- TCP/IP Connection Probe
- Reveals all HIDDEN windows
- Can hide active windows to mantain privacy
- Scan for pictures and shred them at a touch of a button
- Drag and drop multiple files in our secure file shredder for total deletion

Why is X-cleaner becoming the preferred choice in anti-spy scanning?

We now offer complete Roaming Anti-Spy Patrol!
- Using your member's login you can now scan for spyware anywhere with the web's first portable anti-spy solution.
- Scan from schools, office shops, Kinko's or universities; keylogger threats can be anywere so we designed a solution to be as close as your Internet connection. Public machines are prime places for keyloggers and spyware traps because anyone can access them.
- No need to carry any software around, no matter where you travel or where you go. Simply login and scan the machine to keep your vital data like credit cards, passwords or e-mails private.

The members section contains many, many powerful helper programs, which allow you to:

  • Encrypt files, email or entire hard-disks
  • Hide sensitive files inside pictures
  • Monitor what programs are doing on your PC
  • Cleanup your registry
  • Bypass "Parental control" programs
  • Xblock Network Lookup Query Tool
  • Opt-out Profling Pages
  • E-mail Obfuscator to stop spamming before it happens!
  • Active-X Roaming Anti-Spy scan from anywhere
  • Stop websites from tracking your IP
  • Test the tools that "law-enforcement officials" use
  • Lots more and we continually add to the member's section.

What comes with the Pro Version of X-Cleaner 3.0?
The Pro Version has a large anti-spyware database - it can detect and alert you to a wide base of spy and adware programs and in some cases break the password the spy used to install the program so you can turn the tables!

X-Cleaner Deluxe destroys cookies, eliminates files, finds and removes embarrasing pictures, shows hidden windows, inoculates again't rogue drive-by downloads and more.
The PRO version is packed with maximum cleaning power and we feel it is the most feature-rich application on the Internet for novices and expert users.

What will it work with?
Almost any windows machine. X-Cleaner cleans most versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and AOL browsers.

You get ALL of this for only US$39.95 !

Making a small investment in X-Cleaner is the fastest and easiest way to secure your safety and privacy online!

Do not delay in making your purchase- prices are subject to change.

Lock in your low Web price of US$39.95 now!!

Do you offer a guarantee?
Of course! We are so sure you will like X-Cleaner that we offer an iron-clad 30 day money back guarantee.
We stand behind our product 100%! Try it for 30 days and see if you don't take your privacy back!
We have thousands of happy customers and our e-mail tech support is top-notch. We want to make you a happy customer too!


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