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Retain HTML-formatted font style in iPad iPhone mail signature

One of the most frustrating thing about using Apple Mail signature is that the iPad / iPhone will always change the signature font to "Times Romans". 

To retain font style of HTML-formatted mail signature in iPad / iPhone mail app:

  1. Create the HTML-formatted mail signature in a mail client (e.g. Outlook) and send the email to yourself to receive in the iPad / iPhone mail app.
  2. In the iPad / iPhone mail app, copy the HTML-formatted mail signature from the email you received.
  3. On the iPad / iPhone, go to Settings >> Mail >> Signature, paste the copied HTML-formatted signature into the input box.
  4. Important: Immediately after pasting, click the [Undo] key on the iPad / iPhone virtual keyboard (see red box in lower-left of image below). You will notice that the HTML-formatted signature will change to the original font style. 
  5. From now on, when you send mail using your iPad / iPhone mail signature, you will get the intended font instead of the standard iPad "Times Romans" font.

use undo button to change iPad iPhone mail signature font