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Current Version:1.5 build 41230
Price: US$49.99

A full function SWF editor to import and edit your SWF movie, and recompile it back to a new SWF file, working the same as the original one. Also an easy yet powerful Flash movie maker to create Flash movies from scratch or with built-in animated effects . . .


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Modify a SWF file just as you're editing a FLA file.

Almost all elements of a SWF file can be edited, such as Text, Shape, URL, ActionScript, and etc.

Create your own Flash design with our complete drawing tools.

Write your own ActionScript or edit imported ActionScript with a professional ActionScript editor.

Over 80 built-in animated effects available, fully customizable for Text, Images and Shapes.

Include SWF Catcher, an assistant tool to catch Flash movies that you are viewing on a webpage in Internet Explorer.

Publish Wizard guides you to insert a SWF file into a webpage step by step.


Features of Sothink SWF Quicker

SWF Editing

Import SWFSothink SWF Quicker is a SWF editor. After you import a SWF file, the program offers you the ability to edit SWF just the same as you have FLA file.

Once you lose the FLA file, you do not need to worry about how to convert SWF to FLA so as to make the modification. Just within SWF Quicker, you may edit SWF file of almost all the elements, such as ActionScript, Text, Shape, and URL, in your desired way, totally without FLA.

Easy yet Powerful Flash Movie Maker

Sothink SWF Quicker is an easy-to-use yet powerful Flash software to make Flash movies. You can create Flash banners, intros or any other Flash presentations from scratch, or edit an existing SWF.


  • Advanced Drawing Tools
    It provides a complete set of drawing tools including Line, Pencil, Rectangle, Oval, Text, Reshape and Transform.

  • Image Format
    Supports common image formats including BMP, JPEG and PNG. Even more it supports importing existing vector graphics such as AI, SVG and WMF/EMF.

  • Ruler, Grid and Alignment
    You can simply arrange your objects with the assistants of ruler, grid and alignment options.

Action PanelProfessional ActionScript Editor

Sothink SWF Quicker also provides a professional ActionScript editor which can help users to directly write ActionScript or edit imported ActionScript with assistants of

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto member list
  • Parameter information
  • Auto code completion

Sothink SWF Quicker supports writing ActionScript 1.0 completely. The ActionScript written in ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0 can be decompiled and displayed in the Action panel.


Effect List89 Built-in Animated Effects

To help users create professional animations or movies with ease, the program provides you with over 80 animated effects so that you can apply any of the effects to text, images and graphics.

Instead of creating motions in the Timeline or writing ActionScript, a cool animated effect will be implemented with just a few clicks or value changes, which are actually only some simple operations of your mouse or the keyboard.



  • Motion TweenMotion Tween
    Support creating Motion Tween referring motioning around the canvas, scaling, rotating, and skewing.

    You can set the tween's rotate, speed, etc. in the Property panel.

  • Guide Line ToolsGuided Motion
    Provide easy-to-draw Guide Line tools of various kinds.

    When you would like to create motion paths, with Guide Line tool, you are able to draw motion guide line more freely.

  • Mask Motion Mask Motion
    You can create Mask Motion in Quicker with ease.

    Right click the layer, and you can set it as Mask or Masked layer.

SWF Catcher(Context Menu)Catch Movie from Browser

After you install Sothink SWF Quicker, a small button of Sothink SWF Catcher , an assistant tool of SWF Quicker, will be added to Internet Explorer's toolbar.

While you are viewing a page including Flash, click this Catcher button or right-click and select "Sothink SWF Catcher" to get the Flash movie file.

Recompile back/Export Movie

Export MovieAfter you import a SWF movie and finish editing, you can export the movie as a *.swf file as well.

Furthermore, the Publish Wizard will help you insert SWF movie into an HTML file.


Apart from the event sound, the program supports the stream sound too, which begins to play as soon as enough data for the first few frames has been downloaded.

In addition, in the Layer section, the program designs a Stream Sound layer to add sounds to a movie.

Rich Format Text

By using the Text tool in the Tools panel, you can add horizontal text to any place in your movie.

In the Text Property panel (shown on the right), you can customize all the properties of text, such as color, font, font size and URL link etc.

Furthermore, you can give different color, font style, or URL link to a paragraph of text.

Multibytes language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) text is supported perfectly.


Site License Available