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Diskeeper 2007 enhances file system performance automatically

For over 25 years Diskeeper Corporation has been the leader in the creation of file system performance products which greatly increased computer performance, productivity, and reliability of computer systems around the world.
So important is Diskeeper to the world of computing that it was named among the Top 5 products that everyone should have on their computer systems or networks.

This year, Diskeeper celebrates its 25th anniversary through the release of new Diskeeper 2007. Diskeeper 2007 provides automatic file system performance through real-time defrag, true background processing, fragmentation prevention and online directory consolidation and sequencing for an optimal computing environment. Using a brand new technology called InvisiTasking, Diskeeper 2007 is able to do what has never been done before – defrag the hard drive on the fly in real time and eliminate fragmentation as it occurs.

Diskeeper 2007 with InvisiTasking will change the world of computing in a significant way. Now, with Diskeeper 2007, computers will always run at their maximum peak performance, with no fragmentation related issues, for the life of the system.
Best of all, Diskeeper 2007 will do this automatically, without further input or supervision from the user. Just install Diskeeper 2007 on your home computer or network, and Diskeeper takes care of the rest.

With InvisiTasking, Diskeeper 2007 will run with complete transparency in the background. There will never be a conflict with resources or a need for scheduling. The only way you will know Diskeeper 2007 is there is the dramatic increase in performance and reliability that you will experience after installation.

The Diskeeper 2007 products listed below were designed specifically to increase the productivity of the workplace and keep business systems always running at their maximum peak performance.

Choose the Diskeeper 2007 business solution that is right for you.

Diskeeper 2007 Administrator
Provides centralized defragmentation management, alerting, and reporting tools to empower System Administrators with easy network-wide control.

Diskeeper 2007 EnterpriseServer
Provides maximum file system performance for high capacity, high traffic, 24/7, enterprise level servers with disk volumes containing millions of files including NAS, RAID, and SANS.

Diskeeper 2007 Server
Get maximum server speed, reliability, and performance. Designed from the ground up to provide real time file system performance for your servers.

Diskeeper 2007 Pro Premier
Specially designed for high-end systems and power users! Get an EXTRA performance boost above and beyond anything you have ever experienced before - even better than when your system was new!

Diskeeper 2007 Professional
Designed for the typical office PC user, Diskeeper 2007 Professional includes advanced protection against performance problems for PCs and Laptops.

Diskeeper 2007 Home
Automatic defrag the "pros" use designed for home-computing needs to keep non-networked PCs healthy and running at top speed.