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Boosting entrepreneurial creativity and systemic innovation!

e-Coaching more than 1 million people a year.

Business coaching program uk for business and commerce. Here you find business general resources to train the business mentor, venture planning system, small business services 2004. Also available are resources for womens business coaching, funding for small businesses uk, international business and management, and business process management.

It was predicted that the role of e-marketplaces for business and commerce will evolve from simple information provider and matchmaker of buyers and sellers into trusted intermediaries and advisers and ultimately into digital work environments and value trust networks. With Ten3 portals, you can witness the beginning of this transition process for international business and management.

The core competitive advantage of Ten3 is its business coaching program which covers areas on:

  • personal development - unlocking your true potential,
  • international business and management, 
  • the art of  management and leadership, womens business coaching
  • innovation management, business process management
  • green productivity,
  • venture planning system, venture financing, funding for small businesses and
  • technology transfer.

The business coaching program e-coach provides business general resources to train the business mentor and guides entrepreneurs, investors, and business facilitators through the venture development process, helps them understand each other better and find most suitable innovative solutions. The business coaching program plays the key role in  as it attracts the critical mass of users to  Ten3 sites. It serves also as the binding agent that holds the different parts of Ten3 portals together integrating them into a unique winning combination of Web-based business development services.

Time is more critical then money in this era of rapid changes. Thanks to its global partnerships, Ten3 from a single window provides fast and convenient access to all information required for rapid business development.

Ten3 Business e-Coach (Learning version) +2ebooks


* Unlock your entrepreneurial creativity and make a difference!
* Discover unlimited reserves of systemic innovation and business synergies!
* Achieve breakthrough results and enjoy much happier and balanced life!

Ten3 Business e-Coach is a continuous work in progress to help you win in the rapidly changing world. We release an upgraded version of the e-Coach every six months.

Annual subscription to the full version of the Ten3 Business e-Coach includes 2 semi-annual upgrades on CD-ROM:
Version 2004b (Jul - Dec 2004), and
Version 2005a (Jan - Jul 2005)


Two 5-star-rated Ten3 e-books that you can download immediately:

1. Venture Financing
2. Cultural Intelligence & Modern Management

The total price of the Learning version of these two e-books is US$78, but you'll get them FREE with your subscription to the Ten3 Business e-Coach! 

You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering! 

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MBS e-book: Venture Financing

Your complete, inspirational, and easy-to-use guide.

1. Learn - FAST! - the venture financing chain and process
2. Meet the selection criteria of your potential investors
3. Follow the MBS Step-by-step Guide to Venture Financing:

Preparing a Venture Proposal - Initial Introduction - Venture Presentation - Business Plan - Due Diligence - Business Valuation - Structuring the Deal - You've Got Money, What's Next?
You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering! 

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Cultural Intelligence & Modern Management

E-book from the authors of the Ten3 BUSINESS e-COACH - the New Wonder of the World!
This e-book is not about skin-deep "how-to" guides. It is about inspiration and innovation. Discover hidden resources and capabilities within complex social and business systems!

Insightful guide x Inspirational presentation x Easy navigation enabled by high technology


1. Eastern vs. Western Philosophy
2. Achievement Management
3. Managing Cross-cultural Differences
4. Organizational Culture
5. New Management Models from Different Cultures
6. An Overview of World Cultures, Philosophies, and Religions.

You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering!

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