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Even visiting web pages can be risky!

These days, it's not only viruses that can harm your computer. Online criminals can potentially take control of any webpage and infiltrate your computer – to steal credit card numbers or to perform other criminal activities.

Stay protected

AVG ensures your safety while you search or surf the net, download music, documents and pictures, send emails or instant message by scanning documents, files, Web pages and Web links before you open them. Unlike other security products, our unique software stops the threat before it reaches your hard drive and becomes a problem.

What do you get with the AVG products?

  • Trusted protection
  • AVG products are running on over 70 million computers worldwide.
  • Easy to use software
  • Easy to download, install and use.
  • Security with award-winning technology
  • High-speed automatic updates, unique Internet security technology, certified and awarded by all major independent antivirus certification companies.
  • Free support
  • Technical support and new program upgrades included at no extra cost.