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AWeber Autoresponder Affiliate Program

Not only does the AWeber follow up autoresponder increase profits and save time, but telling others about this fantastic online marketing tool can make you money, too! At AWeber, we realize that it is absolutely impossible for us reach every single person who could benefit from our technology. So, we are more than happy to let you help spread the word, and then share the profits!

Sign up for an AWeber Affiliate Membership, and then refer customers to our web site using your unique affiliate link to make a 20% commission on each sale! Not only do you get a commission on the original sales, but also on the recurring payments made by each customer that you refer. The longer that customers that you refer maintain their accounts, the more money you make!

In order to encourage affiliate sales, AWeber also pays affiliates a 10% commission on all of the sales of their sub-affiliates. When you refer Joe Marketer to AWeber, you earn a 20% commission on Joe's payments to AWeber for as long as he is a customer. Also, if Joe decides that he would also like to be an AWeber affiliate, then you also earn a 10% commission on payments made by any customers that Joe refers to AWeber. This structure makes it extremely beneficial for you to tell all of your friends and associates about AWeber Systems. Sign up with AWeber Affiliate Program today!

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